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The need for planning an estate isn’t always apparent. People live for months, years and decades without an estate plan with no noticeable consequences. They wake up each morning, live each day, and go to bed each night without it causing any pain.

Then one day something happens. Many times, it doesn’t happen to the person. It happens to someone close to the individual. It causes a small sting. A close friend or family member becomes disabled or dies unexpectedly without a plan. The family of the disabled or deceased person is forced to go through a bureaucratic nightmare, with great negative financial consequences due to the lack of planning. At that moment the well-intended individual makes a firm decision to never allow their loved ones to go through anything like that! The good intentions of the person are sincere. Their commitment is firm! He or She had no idea that their lack of planning could cause the people they love so much heartache! They will correct this grievous omission! SOMEDAY. Unfortunately, for most, that someday never comes. Then one day that individual wakes up disabled, or perhaps they don’t wake up at all. The consequences are the same. Now the ones they loved most are going through the mountains of red tape and process of draining their finances.

This scenario plays out daily across American. The man or woman that failed to plan wasn’t a cruel individual. They never wanted the government to interfere with in their business. They had no intention of causing those they loved so much misery. The good intentions were there. Sadly, procrastination trumped their good intentions, and the results were disastrous.

How do I know that this story is replayed so often? I have 32 years of business experience talking to good, well-meaning individuals. I also have a Harris Poll that was quoted in the July 11th 2015 addition of a USA Today article entitled, “Plan Ahead: 64% of Americans Don't Have a Will”.

I know there are many good people that will visit this website, and this page. I also know that, if statistics are true, many of you have never planned for the possibility of disability or death. How arrogant would it be to say, “these things can’t happen to me”? Sadly, you don’t have the most basic estate document, a will. For the sake of those that love you most, I would beg you to start planning today! You don’t have to use our company or the services of the attorneys we are associated with. It isn’t about us. It’s about the ones you love the most and the heartache you have the power to save  them. 

A Pressing Need

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