What we do 

Hudson Estate & Financial Consulting LLC’s mission is to help families understand and implement plans to preserve their freedom, and pass  their heritage and other assets to future generations. While it would be wonderful to have every potential client understand and implement all three segments of their estate plan, we recognize that many people will choose to allow us to only help with one or two areas. To whatever degree an individual or family chooses to use our services, we are grateful for the opportunity. In the process of assisting individuals or families, it may be needful to refer them to other professionals. If clients have specialists they would like us to team with, we are happy work with them. If we don’t believe a professional is working toward the same goals, or working in a way we feel is appropriate or in line with our core values, we will graceful step away. If a client or potential client doesn’t have the professional help they need, we will do our best to recommend someone that can meet the need. Hudson Estate & Financial Consulting LLC does not practice law or give legal advice, nor do we give tax advice. However, we do have reputable attorneys and tax professionals we can refer clients to. Our desire is to help clients and potential clients understand the need to plan, the possible consequences of failing to plan, and to make the planning process as simple and easy as possible.