Due to the complexity of the law and the need to be precise many attorneys find it necessary to speak in technique legal terms that most people find impossible to understand. One of the reasons many people delay having documents completed isn’t because they don’t think they need them. It’s because they don’t understand legal ease. They simply fear making a serious mistake. After many years of watching clients perplexed expressions as they spoke to attorneys, Certified Estate Planner, David Hudson decided to write an easy to read book to help ordinary people understand the need for a plan and the solutions an estate plan can provide. In his book, Compassionate Estate Planning David puts the difficult to understand terms into everyday language. By taking the mystery out of the equation, the book helps simplify the process, ease the fears of the individual, and encourages them to have a plan completed. It also gives them food for thought about the possible consequences of not completing a plan. The entire book is 60 pages and written in print large enough for almost anyone to read. If you feel documents such as wills, and powers of attorney are just too complicate for ordinary people or if you have a family member or friend that believes having no estate plan is the best plan, you will want read Compassionate Estate Planning.

Compassionate Estate Planning by Certified Estate Planner, David Hudson is available on Amazon in paperback for $ 10.98 or on Kindle for $ 4.98. Click on any image to order.

 Compassionate Estate Planning

The Art of Eliminating Family Discord and Passing Values Forward

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