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Everyone Has a Legacy

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May I share a legacy story with you? This person wasn't financially wealthy. She didn't do anything during her life that would be written about in history books, or any other books for that matter. Prehaps you may share those traits with her. Regardless of your accomplishments, or lack there of, I would encourage you to read on. The insight you gain could be priceless someday. 

She was a small lady. The best words to describe her weren’t refined or dignified, though she was always a gracious. Perhaps the words that fit her best were giving and kind. I remember her small frame and gray hair. In her latter years her steps were deliberate, and uncertain. By the time the end came the light had long disappeared from her eyes and the sharpness was long gone from her mind. Alzheimer’s had taken her away long before her breathing stopped. Years before she was a walking, talking miracle. Within her 110 pound frame was the strength and resolve of 10 men. That strength had been compressed into her as a young woman enduring the great depression and a World War. Personal tragedy had struck when a house fire took all of her family’s positions. In an instant, one day her two oldest sons were taken by a cruel accident. The wisdom of the ages had been instilled in her by the harshness of her life. She had reared 10 children, watched them grow up, then watched two of them taken. To all of them she was a priceless treasure. Of those that are alive today she is a cherished memory. She did it all without reading the latest book on “how to be a good mother”. She spent absolutely no time or effort trying to raise good kids. She spent her life raising good adults. If her children learned to work hard, fear God, and be good citizens she was content.

She was my mother. She was a priceless gem. There has never been, nor will there ever be another like her. Since she was taken, there have been so many times that her wisdom and insight could have given me guidance. How I would have liked to have known how she survived those hard times! Oh how, I could have benefited from the wisdom she learned throughout her life. Those lessons have been invaluable! If only she would have left a written record of her the lessons life taught her? What if she had recorded them on audio or video recordings?

Has there been someone that has influenced your life like my mother did mine?  It may have been your mother or father, or your grandfather or grandmother. What if you could have one more chance to talk with that person for an hour? Would you record the conversation? Would you cherish that recording? That might be impossible. It might be too late. Can I share a important truth with you? Of all the mistakes I have seen individuals make in estate planning, there are two that towers far above the rest. The first is obviously not having a plan at all. The second is underestimating the impact a person’s life has on the lives of those they love.  

Don’t underestimate the influence you have on the lives of the people you love. Maybe it’s a child, a grandchild, or a friend. It would be a grave mistake to misjudge the influence you may have in the future. Call us or email us today and ask for our free report on legacy planning. Allow us to help you leave behind some recording of your treasured heritage for those you love most.  It may be too late for that person you loved most. It may not be too late for you to leave priceless memories and life lessons other will tresure for generations to come.

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